• Propellerhead


    Antony Woodward
    First Published 2001
    Republished 2002
    ISBN 0 00 710728

    A microlighters classic. The clever and funnily written story of a man, not really interested in flying initially but seriously interested in any way of increasing his chances with the fair sex.
    The book follows him through his adventures and misadventures with ladies and aeroplanes. As you laugh with and at the author and his assorted companions you will learn a lot about flying as you go.
    An excellent read
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    1. VinceG's Avatar
      VinceG -
      Thanks for the recommendation Ginge. Just bought it on amazon for a penny.
    1. Condorman's Avatar
      Condorman -
      Vince, iv'e read this book twice, it's one of the books that inspired me to try microlights, it'll have you gasping in horror and splitting your sides with laughter, it's amazing the bloke is still alive. When Tony Max was around he claimed to know the real identity of the star of that book (who's name was changed to protect his licence etc). The Thruster was allegedly up for sale not so long ago although i never saw it myself.
    1. Ginge's Avatar
      Ginge -
      Quote Originally Posted by Condorman View Post
      Much clipped
      The Thruster was allegedly up for sale not so long ago although i never saw it myself.
      It was ideed for sale a while back, me and Joan went to look at it, unfortunatly the skins were shot and the factory was still being messed about by the CAA. When Thruster were allowed to re-open somebody else beat us to it, some you win, some you lose.
      By the way the TST that starred in the earlier part of the book and so thoughly lost an argument with the scottish countryside was re-built and still flys (looks very nice too).

    1. Red Barron's Avatar
      Red Barron -
      I've just finished reading this and can draw lots of parallels with my own training frustrations with weather and the desire to go further afield but I have been fortunate enough not to have so many of the spills!
      What I do want to know after reading this book and an article in the TSIB (Thruster Sport International Bulletin!!!) - What have you Thruster pilots got against flexwings??
      A good book though.
    1. martin sanderson's Avatar
      martin sanderson -
      yes a very good book
    1. Kestutis's Avatar
      Kestutis -
      They do not sell it to Lithuanians
    1. PeteA's Avatar
      PeteA -
      Read it after reading Flying from My Mind. A good light-hearted romp through left-base microlight flying. Being a student pilot I even learnt how (not) to do certain manouvres... Taking off with zero ground speed and minimal visibility?? My instructor would have kittens, then rip me a new one, so to speak. But a good laugh non the less.
    1. Ted Snook's Avatar
      Ted Snook -
      One of the most re-readable Books that I have ever re-read - four times now and like comfort food, keep going back for more.
    1. Skyservant's Avatar
      Skyservant -
      Just put it down, what a great book - sad, funny, frightening, exciting anon. A must read book, brilliant.
    1. Whealy's Avatar
      Whealy -
      Excelent book very readable. I think Swanton Morley was the first airfield in the book.
      There is a documentry of the same name due to be shown in the new year, should be a keeper!