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    by Published on 31-05-11 08:22 AM
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    Section of the new book by John Clarke.

    It all started with a telephone call from, can you believe the
    name, Len Gabriels of Skyhooks, Oldham, Ltd. Manufacturers
    of hang gliders. I first met Len awhile back when I was selling
    hang gliders and as he made some of the best it was natural to
    deal with him. When ever I got an invite to meet up with Len I
    accepted with alacrity, for I found out that he was a real inventor
    and always came up with interesting ideas. At the time he was in
    his mid to late forties and working out of a mill in Oldham
    where his company was based. He had started out designing a
    machine for rolling wall paper which eventually sold all over the
    world before Len graduated to making things more aerodynamic.
    He was also heavily into radio controlled model flying so it was
    natural for him to get into hang gliding and more.
    “Can I come and test fly something on your airfield he
    asked?” Now this did take me a little by surprise as I cannot
    remember actually owning an airfield. He might mean the
    disused one at Ashbourne on which I did do some tow ...
    by Published on 26-01-11 17:42 PM
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    With kind permission of the Author Colin MacKinnon, the Flying Scotsman we bring you the first chapter of his book.

    The Wright Stuff
    One hundred years ago my Irish great-uncle covered
    himself in treakle and goose feathers, climbed a tree
    and leapt out, shouting: "Look at me! I can fly, I can
    fly!" So carzy attempts at flight are in my blood, and
    that was my excuse for setting off on a coast-to-coast
    flight across the United States from Kitty Hawk, North
    Carolina - where the Wright brothers made the world's
    first powered flight - to Long Beach, the end of the
    line for Calbraith Rodger's first trans-continental
    The plan was simple: crate up my machine, fly it and
    myself over to the states, reassemble it and take off on
    an adventure through the history of flight. The US
    Federal Aviation Administration said that no
    airworthiness certificate was required for my aircraft
    and no license was needed by ultralight pilots. So it
    really was going to be like those early days - happy-
    go-lucky red tape free fun.
    How wrong was I.
    week after I arrived ...
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    Brian Milton - Global Flyer - The first chapter. copied from the book with kind permission of Brian Milton

    Deyr fe, deyr froendr
    Deyr sjalfr it samr.
    Ek veit einn podaldri deyr
    Domr af mannr domi
    Cattle die, kinsmen die,
    You die yourself in the end.
    I know one thing that never dies,
    The reputation of a man’s deeds

    Norse writings from between the fourth and fourteenth centuries

    I had wanted to fly a microlight around the world in 80 days ever since the Australian billionaire Kerry Packer summoned ...
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    GLOBAL FLYER, by Brian Milton, Paperback published by NEP (Travel) Price £10.00. Available directly from Brian Milton

    In 1998, two men set off to fly around the world in a microlight; 120 days later, one man came back alone in it. Global Flyer, by Brian Milton, is a thrilling account ...
    Published on 07-01-10 15:26 PM
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    CHASING GHOSTS, by Brian Milton, published in hardback by New European Publications. Price £15.00. www.brian-milton.com

    The three ghosts are the British pilots, Alcock and Brown, who in ...
    Published on 07-01-10 15:00 PM
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    ALEXA – The Life and Death of an Austin 7 Ruby. Published December, 2009 by Burning Daylight Books,
    Available only through Brian Milton Cost £10.00.

    In 1968/9 Brian Milton, 26, drove a 1937 Austin 7 Ruby called Alexa across Europe, the Sahara Desert and the tropical Congo to marry a ...

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