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    Old UK Charts

    Has anyone got any old UK charts they don't need any more, preferably the 1:250000.

    It's purely for reading up and practicing navigation on the ground, it wont be used operationally. I'd led to...

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    Wanted - Ozee Bar Mitts / Flexwing Helmet

    As per title - Wanted:

    Ozee Bar Mitts - must be the velcro easy removable ones with the window.

    Flexwing Helmet - Medium or Large
    MicroAvionics preferred but would consider anything, its...

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    Quite a few views but no reply, so: The answer...

    Quite a few views but no reply, so:
    The answer depends on where you are, or more precisely, where the hangar is, what airfield facilities there are, and how salubrious the hangar is. There's clearly...

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    Amf chevron 2 32c project

    Thanks Bump and Fool It does have a full basement, access from the outside but I dont like going down there because my sisters told me it was Haunted when I was little. Been a project Ive wanted to...

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    Rusty Sparrow

    Typical cost to hanger a three axis?

    I'm looking to buy a minimax or similar - what should I expect to pay for hangerage, say on a farm strip?

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