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Hello people.

There are quite a few members who have not got around to using an avatar.

Well, I've spent all afternoon making avatars so that you can add one to your profile really easy. Here's how you do it.

Now before you start, it is best to have two browser windows open. That way you can follow the lesson, then go to the other browser window to carry out the instructions. Go back to the lesson, back again... etc. So, with that done, let's begin.

First, click at the top of the forum on Settings (you need to be logged in)

Then look to the left of the page and select edit avatar

Scroll through the avatars I have uploaded today (about 50 per catagory and 9 catagories) and click in the little button to select that one. Save changes and hey presto... your done. Simples.

If you want to be a geek like me, you can edit your own and upload it, it needs to be 150 x 150 pixels or smaller.

Come on people, be a part of the community, get an avatar...

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  1. VinceG's Avatar
    Here's a Video of how.