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And another two years later.

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This is probably the world's slowest blog! The Max is happy and flies as often as weather will allow, now fitted with a fine liquid crystal ribbon tacho, pressure gauge and fuel gauge which has made a big difference to the flying. Being more confident about how much fuel is on board has made the sorties steadily longer. There is a VSI in the instrument as well although it isn't as I want it yet but it has made space for a GPS on the panel. Radio is now a Yazoo which sounds better than the old Icom and the battery lasts a long time. The engine, now run in well is smooth and sweet and, following a new ignition box is a much less reluctant starter than it hitherto was. Another tweak- gloves for starting. Saves my knuckles and lets me give a robust pull on the string.
I am hoping to buy a two seater soon. Can't afford a four stroke so it will probably be a Rans with a 503 or, if it can be afforded, a 582. Roll on that day!

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  1. Soleair's Avatar
    Tom could you share details on your fuel gauge? I have sight tubes on my 2 wing tanks but they're useless. So now I routinely dip the tanks before every flight to have an idea of endurance. But given that my fuel burn varies between 8lph doing laps, & 12 lph at fast cruise (MZ202 in an Eros), this is less than accurate.

    So any help in remote sensing would be most welcome. TIA