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2019 updated.

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The Max dumped me in the New forest. I bought an S6, a nice one and moved it to Old Sarum the week that the axe fell so a week later it was gone, unflown by me. I sold all my bits and bobs and gave up flying having had a whole lot of fun.
Game over and thanks for all the fish.

I had just begun to get used to not worrying about aeroplanes when somebody offered me hangarage. Local hangarage.
I resolved to take it on for six months and look for an aeroplane. If I didn't find one, I'd hand the hangarage on. So I went to Sywell, looking for an S6 and found one in need of some TLC and a permit. It was cheap and offered with a couple of nearly new wing skins and 200 hours on the crank of its 503.
I am waiting for the strip's logistics to align and then I'll bring it home from Lincolnshire. Looks like I'm in for a busy winter...

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