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Mike Calvert

Where have the last 8 years gone?

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Where have the last 8 years gone? Back in 2012 I was on a mission to lose weight and try and take up microlighting. Or at least try it.

In fact it all came to naught.

I won’t bore anyone with the torrid details, but it involved a separation, divorce, house purchase, engagement, house sale, house purchase and wedding.

Shall we say it’s been a busy few years – and when a boss at work asks where I plan to be in 10 years I just laugh and say “How on earth can I tell?”

To add to the fun, my daughter gained her PPL last year and I was her first ever passenger for a flight in a Cessna 152. That confirmed to me two things – definitely would love to learn to fly, and definitely can’t afford the £9k+ cost of gaining a PPL, or the cost of the aircraft after that! Add to that, they’re way too small for me at 6’6” – in the 152 I could either keep my knees below the control column, or put my feet on the rudder pedals – but not both! So, we’re back to Mircolights!

I now live conveniently close to East Scotland Microlights, so I’ve been in touch with them and will be taking my first flight with them – just as soon as I get this awkward issue of being a fat b’st’rd out of the way.

The good news there is that last year I was introduced to the wonderful world of Intermittent fasting and the benefits have been amazing. I’ll not bore you with details – anyone interesting in a HEALTHY, easy way to lose weight – and critically, keep it off – please consider investing in either ‘The Obesity Code’ by Dr Jason Fung, or the ‘Complete Guide to Fasting’ by Dr Jason Fung and Jimmy Moore and I hope it’s as useful to you as it has been to me.

At the moment I’ve just snuck past the 3 stone lost mark, and am only 1 stone away from that first microlight flight – give me maybe 2 months?

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Updated 15-04-20 at 15:42 PM by Mike Calvert

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  1. MadamBreakneck's Avatar
    2 months approaching. How's the plan panning out?

    Fingers crossed for you.
  2. Mike Calvert's Avatar
    Well, all rather bvggered by the lockdown, but I'm now maintaining my weight comfortable below 16st , so as soon as the airfield is open, I'm going to be in the waiting list for that first flight!
  3. MadamBreakneck's Avatar
    Good optimistic attitude, yeah!

    I take it you've read a copy of Cosgrove inside out and backwards, as well as the normal way.

    Fingers still crossed.
  4. Mike Calvert's Avatar
    Yep, been reading Cosgrove several times over, even started reading his Pilot's Weather book... Took a wee break to let it sink in and have started reading again. Also have soft and printed copies of the SkyWay Code, and GetMet.

    Yes, I'm a swot