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Mike Calvert

Where have the last 8 years gone?

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Where have the last 8 years gone? Back in 2012 I was on a mission to lose weight and try and take up microlighting. Or at least try it.

In fact it all came to naught.

I won’t bore anyone with the torrid details, but it involved a separation, divorce, house purchase, engagement, house sale, house purchase and wedding.

Shall we say it’s been a busy few years – and when a boss at work asks where I plan to be in 10 years I just laugh and say “How on earth can I tell?”

To add to the fun, my daughter gained her PPL last year and I was her first ever passenger for a flight in a Cessna 152. That confirmed to me two things – definitely would love to learn to fly, and definitely can’t afford the £9k+ cost of gaining a PPL, or the cost of the aircraft after that! Add to that, they’re way too small for me at 6’6” – in the 152 I could either keep my knees below the control column, or put my feet on the rudder pedals – but not both! So, we’re back to Mircolights!

I now live conveniently close to East Scotland Microlights, so I’ve been in touch with them and will be taking my first flight with them – just as soon as I get this awkward issue of being a fat b’st’rd out of the way.

The good news there is that last year I was introduced to the wonderful world of Intermittent fasting and the benefits have been amazing. I’ll not bore you with details – anyone interesting in a HEALTHY, easy way to lose weight – and critically, keep it off – please consider investing in either ‘The Obesity Code’ by Dr Jason Fung, or the ‘Complete Guide to Fasting’ by Dr Jason Gung and Jimmy Moore and I hope it’s as useful to you as it has been to me.

At the moment I’ve just snuck past the 3 stone lost mark, and am only 1 stone away from that first microlight flight – give me maybe 2 months?

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  1. MadamBreakneck's Avatar
    2 months approaching. How's the plan panning out?

    Fingers crossed for you.