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Ups and downs

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In May, I plateaued. Progress fell to nothing and flying became a chore. One morning, en route for Sandown, I just wasn't enjoying it. Again. I had flown every weekend I could and my head was clogged and confused with it all. Once again I had to take a good look at whether or not I wanted this enough. I decided to take a couple of months off.

I flew again four weeks later just to keep my hand in and went off on holiday. On my return, it took some time before I was ready to solo again but when it happened, I had found another level of confidence. Following a so- so sortie, I was offered a chance to fly with another pilot down to Bolt Head in August; the scenery and the fun of the navigating made it a good day and my flying improved markedly from there on in. One day, whilst I was completely failing to get the hang of crosswind landings, Mark caught me flying consistent accurate circuits. Speed right, attitude right, trim right, turns right. The next day, the circuits weren't as good but the landing was fine so off I went on my own to practice. It was beginning to feel normal to fly.

A couple of weeks later, I asked if I could do a cross country and was mildly surprised and very excited to hear that I could. I went to Henstridge after doing a recce on youtube. Now that was a heck of a buzz.
Something else changed. I've learned to enjoy flying. Operation at minimum level happened on a day when the weather spent the sortie getting more and more interesting. Eventually I decided to turn on a reciprocal heading and scarper but I had an absolute ball doing the exercise. The C-42 had learned to behave itself and I was no longer having to use a lot of headspace keeping it in the air despite lowering cloud and showers. We both came back grinning.

Currently I'm in finishing school; the pre test polish.
I've been into exercise 17c for the last three weeks.
Progress has been good and if the weather behaves next weekend, I'll be doing a mock GST. Looks like I'm going to make it.

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  1. Rusty's Avatar
    Mock GST? Sounds fun, good luck!