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A couple of years later.

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Got the licence.
Fettled the Minimax. Flew the Minimax. Crashed the Minimax. Mending the Minimax.
SSDR means that I can do a few things I couldn't do before like a bit of drag reduction (so much more comfortable flying in my own clothes,) and a larger tank for some more range.
There is a myth that pilots get girls easily. There is no truth in the rumour. It was nearly a week between passing my GST and meeting the lady who is now my fiancee. Following one of the inevitable crises of confidence while repairing the 'plane I pointed out that I had spent more money this year not flying the Minimax than I had flying the C_42. Maybe it was time to give up owning an aeroplane?
"If you think you are going to get under my feet, you've got another think coming. Men need hobbies and I'm going to want to chuck you out to go flying so you'd better get that 'plane back in the air."
Seems like the right sort of gel.
This week, the engine is going back together. The new gear is on so I've only a couple of struts to make and a prop to buy then I'll have the Summer to look forward to.
It isn't easy; it never was but it is worth every trouble and setback!

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