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The Engine rebuild part 2.

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Monday evening I stayed late at work, the crank had been in the test chamber for eight hours and the bearings were nicely warmed to 85 degrees. Suitable slip gauges were borrowed from the inspection department and the first one was put on the PTO end cheek. The bearing slid on very nicely and the next slip was put on top to get the gap between the two bearings right. On it slid and a few seconds later, it was there to stay. Turn the crank round and do the same to the mag end. Easy. The crank was covered in ice so it was brought up to room temperature, being sprayed with oil and wiped down every few minutes to avoid rust forming. Once home I fitted the new seals, placed it back in the crankcase, applied the sealant and fitted the bolts, tightening them gently until they were at the correct torque and loctited with the correct grades of the stuff..
Mag has yet to be torqued up and the pistons won't be here until Tuesday evening. Then the battle with the sixty two needles in the cageless bearings. Last night, following a check on the exchequer, I ordered a propeller. That is a step forward.

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