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PUT (and some P1!) Catchup 2 - They're watching...!

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Late summer 2014.

Finally I was a solo flyer and could break out of the circuit!

Well kinda...

I did quite a few solo circuits, with Chris pretending to be cool and drinking tea on the ground without paying much attention to what I was doing. Yeah, right...

On one session I was operating on 06. Because of Stoke's curved runway, you can't see the 06 end from the clubhouse - the seawall blocks the view through the bend.

So as I got into the flare on 06 I knew I couldn't be seen. On one approach I got too slow and ended up being pushed around by the breeze. After some weaving around in the hold-off I got down 'Albatross-style', with first one mainwheel then the other touching down in sequence.

"At least," I thought, "he wouldn't have --- "

"I saw that!" came the crisp accusation over the airwaves.

"But how...?" thought I.

After parking I heard the story from other club members who were sitting outside the clubhouse at the time.

Chris plays it cool, but when a solo student is touching down at the 06 end he climbs up and stands on one of the tables outside the clubhouse, looking through binos. After the landing he sits back down to drink his tea, normally with his back to the runway, just to show how relaxed he is.

Tricky chaps (and chapesses), these instructors.

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  1. geejay's Avatar
    But no damage eh?
  2. Russ_H's Avatar
    Ha, well put Grahem, I still remember my instructor pretending to be texting his missus while I was on short final in a gusty crosswind....I knew he really had his eagle eye (all instructors have em) on me, the whole time Great write up mate