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Feel like going bact to the start again.

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I've not really been on the forum for well over a year now, but have been happily flying my Flash 2 Alpha on local bimbles around Cheshire, sadly only managing around 12 hours a year (New baby, very busy job, terrible weather).

The F2A is a lovely machine and the 503 engine has been super reliable to me, I've spent a lot of time and effort on her, upgrading from twin fuel tanks to a 65L tank, installing antenna and radio, Lynx interface, upgrading the altimeter, replacing fuel lines, filters etc etc arguably none of it needed but all to make her the best she could be.

But I feel I have now outgrown her, and am ready to move my flying to the next level. I have a syndicate partner now and we want to tour and maybe enter RBR, so alas MWRH is for sale and we have already bought a fancy GT450 912S! Permit pending before collection from Ince.

so I have taken up the opportunity to have some GT450 refresher lessons at Arclid, in all honesty I feel like a student again! The handling, particularly on landing, feels alien to me and after 1 hour I know I need more. The flares are either over cooked or under cooked, I guess I need to get used to rounding out and flaring from a neutral bar as opposed to a bar back position when bring in the Alpha, I'll get there.

Exciting times.

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Updated 26-03-16 at 10:09 AM by Damien (Accidental post before completion)

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  1. DavidR's Avatar
    Good luck Damien
    you will get used to the lovely floaty soft landings in the gt450. Like you say, bar in neutral keep airspeed all the way and just soft round out, inch by inch..
  2. Damien's Avatar
    Thanks David, inch by inch, I will mutter that under my breath as I land. Every move is so much more responsive, love it!
  3. damienair's Avatar
    Congrtulations Damien,

    Know exactly where your coming from, busy Job, young family, family weekends when weather is good and crappy weather when you are free to fly. I share that experience. Although I do notice that this year so far is a little easier. I have 2 boys, one 7 and the other guy is 3.5 years old. I have logged 12 hours so far in 2016, 3 more than I logged in 2014 or 2015. Enjoy the new ship and safe flying.

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