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Be kind to someone.

Mike Calvert

Staff member
My wife went out this morning, not home yet - glad I nipped upstairs before I headed out to the airfield later in the morning - she'd managed to shut the cat in the spare room by accident :ROFLMAO::eek: Luckily the wee thing was still fast asleep on the bed, tucked up behind a pillow. That's my good deed for the day :)

Roger Mole

Cross Country Pilot
Good news - after going quiet during his autumnal moult, our old, blind, pet canary ('Scruffball') gave us a short song this morning
I read it quickly and thought you were talking about Ginge for a minute there Joan. It was the name that did it... It was only when I reread it that I spotted 'canary' :)


First Solo Pilot
Sorry to tell you, but SC appears to have quit the talent business. Though some might argue he did that many years ago.
Why not cut out the middle man and simply give us all a recording of your singing, Ginge?


First Solo Pilot
You would do better to put your ear to a 503 exhaust, there are enough vile things in the world without my adding to them.