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Flying to resume again


First Solo Pilot
I take that most of us have received the latest news from the BMAA. The welcome news that flying can resume in all tiers subject to the tier regulations from the 2nd. I take that will mean that some will be restricted to local flying, but hey that's a great improvement.


Student Pilot
Went flying in the Spectrum today. The weather was not too bad at 14.00 when I took my first flight, but by 15.20 when I took my second flight it was closing in, so I cut the flight short. Never mind though, I did manage to get a total of 45 minutes in, so not too bad for an otherwise so so day weatherwise.


First Solo Pilot
No offence, but there is an increasing tendency these days to word notices that apply just to England in a way that implies it affects the whole UK
On a linked theme, you also see people (not here, obviously) using 'Britain' as shorthand for 'the UK'. Wonder if that's now the new norm. Bit like your instead of you're in emails and texts. Still, I suppose it's our language and we can do what we want with it, innit?