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Thread: MTOW 600kg ?

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    Hi everyone,

    A long time since my last post, hope I can contribute to this thread. I agree that there are many microlight planes that can't just take off with two people plus full tanks without going beyond the 450 Kg limit, but still under the limits of the design of the plane. However, I think that, for this case, it would be enough to move the limit to 500Kg. My thought is that pushing the limit to 600 Kg would benefit the introduction of electric planes, with heavier batteries for longer flights. Take, for instance, the Pipistrel Alpha Electro, with MTOW 550Kg but an endurance of only 60 min plus reserve:


    José Pascual

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    Quote Originally Posted by MadamBreakneck View Post
    So you do reckon that 95% of microlight flights are overweight?
    That is sad

    Am I really in a tiny minority in staying within my aircraft's certified weight limits?
    Somebody tell me I'm not, please!
    I'd expect a significant proportion of flights on anything built close to the empty weight limit to be made overweight. Particularly if those aircraft have fairly high seat limits.
    How that works out as a proportion of all flights I'd not like to even guess but I'd not be surprised if was as much as 50%

    Personally, assuming that my examiner wasn't over the seat limit (I did ask but I'm not about to demand someone stand on a set of scales) I've never flown over MTOW but then I'm not especially heavy, a thruster isn't especially heavy either and I've never needed to travel a huge distance as a student.

    Sensible empty weights would be the key to increasing the MTOW, there's no point making it higher if you're still going to let people build something that can't be flown at the max crew weight with a decent amount of fuel on board

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    Quote Originally Posted by MadamBreakneck View Post
    Meanwhile, back at the thread:

    Any comments on the selection of 600kg machines in the June MF?
    that was a bit of dreaming of exotica well out of all but the very richest pockets..

    i guess its its natural for them to get the headlines, and make for sexy pictures, but at its basics the proposed change is about not being forced to fly with midgets or very short distances only, and opens opportunities for a wider range of engines - some of which can be automotive conversions that are cheaper than current bespoke aero engines, and also meaning some rather less exotic and more affordable materials can be used as weight won’t be so critical.

    so it should widen opportunities - across the spectrum for two seaters.


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    I hope you're right Paul - you usually have been in the past.

    So rather than the slick exotica, where do you see the benefits of 600kg MTOW aircraft for us rank-and-file flyers across the spectrum for, say, the first 5 years or so after any rule change?

    Could single-seaters see any benefit? F'rinstance a class of permit (ie heavier than SSDR) single-seat microlight aircraft - perhaps with flight characteristics similar to the 2-seat training machines?

    Speculative at this stage, I know, but nonetheless interesting to have the views of a reputable industry insider.


    Back to just bimbling

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    I welcome an increase in weight to 600kg, however unless you are on a big budget I think it will be a few years before the benefits trickle down to low budget flyers like me.

    When and if the weight limit increases, you will not be allowed to simple fly around with your 120 kg mate and 60 litres of fuel, your old aircraft will still have its old weight limit.

    For example my 912 Xair was the first aircraft tested to the then new weight of 450 kg. In other countries the same aircraft flies at various weights up to 490 kg. In Germany its flown at 472.5 kg with a BRS. I wanted to add a BRS and increase its weight to 472.5 KG but the BMAA wont let me without having the airframe stress tested which is beyond my resources and willingness as a mere owner.

    I think the only aircraft which will get an upgrade will be those where the manufacturer is selling enough of them to justify having the designed tested and approved to the higher weight. Thats never going to happen with my X air F but it may well with an Xair H and similar aircraft which fly at much heavier weights abroad. Even then there will likley be structural differences between 450 and 600 kg versions of the same plane.

    If and when that happens I may consider swapping to a heavier aircraft when reasonably priced ones start to appear on the second hand market.

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