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Thread: Radio Licensing

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    Radio Licensing

    Lots of Pilots use icom A6 or A24 or the older A3 transceivers some use the newer A6e or A24e that is 8.33khz capable in 2017 all radios will need to be 8.33khz capable.

    I recently got a new to me 2nd hand microlight and the CAA sent me a letter saying I need a license to use a radio after I registered the aircraft in my name.

    I looked at my current Radio license and see the words saying its not transferrable, so I filled out the forms and paid for a new license.

    This is when the problems started, because I have a license that runs out in 2016, but I sent in forms saying I wanted a new license to start this year 2015

    What I have found out that you may not know about is if you have the new A6e or A24e 8.33khz capable Radio, you cant use in france etc, you can only use it in the UK and you cant use it in Class A,B,C airspace. I don't see a problem with the latter. if you have the icom A6 or A24, you cant use it, there are other restrictions to: The old A3 is the Best, but only until 2017 and the rule on 8.33khz capable started in 2014

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    I got the same letter....... As I cant officially use my radio A6 it was placed in the green file until it becomes relevant... Carry on regardless as nothing has changed in the last 10 years.................

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    Would that be the small round green file in the corner of the kitchen ?
    Or the large square plastic green file with the lift up lid at the back of the house ! per 2010 European libel act....these are my thoughts only and may not represent the thoughts or actions of any person /company/group/manufacturer named in this article/Internet posting

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