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    GT450 vs GTR - this old chestnut again

    Having flown a Quik for the last 5 years, I now find myself in the market for a new (to me) flexwing.

    A lot of the comparison threads I've found are several years old comparing the GT-450 with the QuikR, so I wonder with the introduction of the GTR range, vented wings and only a few k's difference in price between used GT450s and GTRs, which way people with experience of both would go if they had the choice (ignoring age and hours for minute)?
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    The GT450 is a great wing but I think the GTR is definitely an improvement. I prefer the GTR wing. I am unsure if I can explain it well though. I guess it feels more rigid and perhaps that is exactly what some pilots won't like about it. To me it feels more like I am flying with the wing than sitting in the trike. It's responsive and light (tip fins off) and of course faster cruise speed. Wing fold has given me better storage options than I had with the GT450. The roll trimmer is also a good addition and works well. I was happy enough with the performance of the GT450 but needed wing fold. The extra speed makes sense as it is still comfortable to fly at 85 so it's good to have a wing easily trim at that. I am very happy with it.

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    The GTR is slightly faster, up to 10% more fuel efficient and rarer, so they will probably hold their value a little longer.
    They're usually a little lighter in pitch, but much heavier in roll than the GT450. The STARS and removing the wingtips help lighten this a bit, but it'll still be much harder work to maneuver than a well-sorted GT450.
    The roll trim can be useful if you regularly fly at varying weights, but usually irrelevant if you take some time to tune the wing to fly straight (or get your dealer to do it).
    The GTR wing's a bit heavier, so unless you fit a parachute to take advantage of 472.5kg MAUW the GT450 has a larger payload.
    The stall characteristics on both are very benign, but the GTR is particularly gentle.
    Obviously if you need the wing fold then the GTR is the only option, but the guys at my home field still take the wing off the trike to fit in the hangar- they find it easier than folding/unfolding the wings.
    There is a Very Cheap GTR on Afors at the moment, but usually they command a good 5K more than a like-for-like GT450.

    I opted for the GT450 for teaching on; the extra payload is useful and lighter roll characteristics are more suitable for weedy pilots (and I include myself in that category). If I was just using it to commute I'd take the GTR for straight line fuel efficiency. Best bet is to see if you can get a flight in one to see the handling for yourself.

    Hope that helps!

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    Do you think there is much difference in short field capability, Dave?

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    Hi Paul,
    I've not flown the GTR in competition personally, but pilots like Mark Fowler have shown what the GTR is capable of. My feeling is that the GT450 has a slight edge for short field work. With the GTR it's easy to try and compensate for the heavy roll control with a higher approach speed, which inevitably leads to a longer landing distance. If you can get the three-wheeled brake option that would make up some of the shortfall?

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    I've flown both the GT450 and the GTR recently.

    For short strips and those with airtime just into the hundreds of hours (as opposed to thousands) I'd say the GT450 is a better bet. The GTR is much faster and seems to shrug off bumps at high speed better.

    For those who want to do big distances and with more experience and skills the GTR will offer more.

    Flying either with friends in Quantums or slower will tire you out as they still require some push out to fly slowly enough.

    The GTR does have a lot of warning before stall and a fairly benign one too...

    If you're on a small strip I'd find an instructor with a GTR and fly a couple of practice approaches.....
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