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    I've more or less finished the dashboard now, and here's a couple of pics of it.


    In the second pic you can see the starter button a bit more easily than you can in the first one. It's to the right of the ignition switch and directly below where the mags switch will be. The switch that's there at the moment isn't the actual mags switch, that's still on the plane, complete with big red cover, but when I fit the dashboard to the plane I'll fit the proper switch in the mounting hole.

    To the right of the dials you can see the two other switches. The left one of these will be the fuel pump, and the right one will be the strobes.

    In the large area beneath the two central dials I'm going to fit a Tiny Tach and beneath that I'll put the slip ball. This will still leave room on either side and I may fit a small fuse box on the ignition side.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BobH View Post
    To be honest Gentreau, I didn't know that RS had a reputation to uphold. It just never occurred to me that they were anything other than a shop that sold all sorts of electronic stuff.
    Oh yes Bob. I first used Radio Spares in 1980 when I started work in a radio repair workshop.
    We only ever bought spares from them, and I would always trust the quality of their products, even if they are sourced in the far east.
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    Yes, they have branches across Europe Bob mainly aimed at the business market. I had to use my old RS UK trade account to open one here in France so I could get trade rather than private individual prices.

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