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    Restrictions imposed on Portuguese Ultralights

    It would seem the Portuguese Aviation Authorities don't like to make Ultralight Flying in Portugal easy, nor do they want to allow Cross Border Flights to occur without much bureaucracy involved.
    I have done a fair bit of Ultralight Flying in Portugal & crossed Borders without any bureaucracy involved, but it would seem 'Times have CHANGED' now !!!
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    I am watching this subject very closely & here are Messages that Portuguese Ultralight Pilots are sending to ANAC.PT
    Dear sirs,

    Good evening. I'm organizing a 5 ULM flight to france. It will be an INTRA-US flight and LPCB (Castelo Branco) may be our starting point once we go there to Fuentemilanos, Segovia, north of Madrid. Our final destination is Montauban in France.

    Is it possible to have the ANAC URL that allows you to request authorization?
    Still if the request is by plane and your cmt or if it can be done jointly by several aircraft?
    Still if the request is made only to the ANAC or if we have to make the request to the SEF and the Dir. Of Aerodrome and clear to the ANAC.
    I think it is a bureaucracy to ask 3 entities, but I need to know as much as possible because we are 1 month to start.


    Joćo Oliveira

    Dear sirs,

    Does this Notam oblige in the same one to ask for the usual authorizations to the Spanish EFSA?

    Dear sirs,

    Where is NOTAM A1919 / 17 published? Do not meet at ANAC or Google.


    Joćo Oliveira
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    It is surprising that the Portuguese authorities issued that NOTAM without any previous announcement, just the notice, which states:


    I've been wondering why they introduced this prohibition now, and the following page (in Spanish) lists some possible reasons:

    Because it is Spanish, let me hightlight some of those reasons here:

    - ULM pilots frequently crossing the border without a flight plan, and without Portuguese or English language skills to properly communicate via radio.
    - Portuguese ULM pilots can get their licence from another country, so they go to Spain where there are less requirements to get it.
    - Spanish safety agency (AESA) new requirements to fly to Spain (fill in a form and submit it with your docs some -long?- time before the flight).

    In a nutshell, there may be safety reasons for that, but also a response to the changes introduced by the Spanish AESA. All in all, you can still cross the border, but now you will have to do some more paperwork than just a flight plan.

    Hope this helps.


    José Pascual
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