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    Quote Originally Posted by Arielarts View Post
    Crikey. What engine? My 447 Chaser manages about 11l/hr at 60mph and ~5400rpm. About 9l/hr with 462 at ~4900rpm.
    Chaser had the original 'points' 447 with only about 200hrs from new, 2 bladed Newton prop. A bit slower than yours, hot was about 55mph at 5200rpm but was so good on fuel at 7lts/hr. It's still in the hanger at Dunkeswell needing a good wash, I'm tempted to buy it back!.
    Cyclone is mid hangpoint, hot is about 58mph but 447 feels to be working hard at 5800rpm hence the higher fuel burn. I have a 3 bladed composite prop that maxes out at only 6200rpm, might try and fine the pitch off a bit to get 6500 & see what that does.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dompech View Post
    Well here the new trike. Just got to paint the pod. Attachment 14164
    Don't get too carried away painting. I'm loving the rat rod primer look!

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