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    Anyone found a good way to use Skydemon on an iPhone in an SSDR?

    Morning all,

    I've just bought a Dragonfly and am planning a couple of trips. As a pilot of bigger planes, I've got used to having Skydemon to hand and have the app on my iPhone 7+, so would like to have it to hand as a nav aid and GS indicator on these flights.

    My Dragon has a 12V power supply cable fitted and enough space on the panel to mount my iPhone, or I could use a RAM mount and put it on the front strut if required.

    has anyone found a good way to do this or would simply strapping the phone to my leg be a better option? Whatever solution you're found, what case/mount/assembly did you go for?


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    I've got loads of room on the panel on my Skyranger, played with surface and RAM mounts, but couldn't find a position that worked.

    I now use a knee board, much better.

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    I use a 9 inch tablet and have strapped it to a knee board. There have been a few occasions when it has caught some glare but on the whole it works well.

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