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Thread: spam PM ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by damienair View Post
    Brilliant. I know people may write LOL and not actually LOL. But i just LOL'd for real. Love the Budgies.
    The incident did cause some neighbourly bad-feeling for a few months.. as if it was somehow my fault or that I had encouraged the Nando Gore-Fest. Adding to the comedy value was the fact that I was down at the bottom of my garden and had a tennis racquet and balls with me that I had been hitting for my German Shepherd to retrieve (it's a pretty big garden) when I twigged what was happening. I started to run up towards the carnage yelling NO, NO, NO and whacked a ball towards the Great Dane.

    Unfortunately I missed the dog by the proverbial mile, hit my neighbours washing that was hanging up in their garden and arrived at the locus of the crime as budgie 4 had stopped flapping and gone limp. The neighbours wife appeared from the house having heard my yell of NO, NO, NO, saw me, saw the tennis ball, saw the mucky stain on the pillowcase (thankfully I missed the bedsheets) and she put 2 + 2 together and got eleventy six... and was just smiling as if to tell me not to worry as she picked up the ball... when she twigged that the 5 wings, 3 carcasses, 4 heads and lots of feathers looked vaguely familiar, if slightly disjointed.

    The really funny thing (in retrospect) was that in the midst of her rant, she threw the tennis ball away in the general direction of the crime scene as if to highlight it.... and the Great Dane picked it up and trotted back towards the fence where she stood with the ball (and some feathers) proudly in his mouth. It's probably the only time the Dane has retrieved anything!!

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    Can't blame the dog, it was only defending its territory, if the suicidle hens came into your garden, then surely it's your neighbour's fault for not keeping her pets to her garden.........if you had suggested the aforementioned comment at the time the Great Dane could have been retrieving your balls......!!! per 2010 European libel act....these are my thoughts only and may not represent the thoughts or actions of any person /company/group/manufacturer named in this article/Internet posting

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