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    The ant really needs a good ground plane to work against.

    I use an SWR meter as gold rush suggests.

    Antennas are not as simple as they look.

    For receive almost any antenna will work...but transmit is a different ball game.


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    Quote Originally Posted by goldrush View Post
    (the old CB radio meters WILL NOT DO)..
    I have Bird Thru-line meters with the correct plug-ins - and a stash of old CB radio SWR meters. In my experience the CB ones have proved adequate for checking microlight antenna *systems* - which are rarely well designed! I don't take the Bird meter to the field I take the CB meter!
    "The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place" - G.B.S.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gramac View Post
    Thanks Martin. It is definitely a weak signal as ATC reported this to me. I will strip the aerial out this weekend to ensure it is OK. I suspect the aerial was fitted when the aircraft was new ten years ago, so maybe time for an upgrade? I have seen the two MicroAvionics ones but is there any other alternatives suitable for a flexwing?
    I wouldn't completely trust ATC's opinion of 'weak signal'. They aren't comms experts. There's a world of difference between weak audio (low modulation - usually due to intercom or headset incompatibility) and weak signal (truly weak carrier wave).
    Don't know about Yaesu, but there's usually some self limiting protection on the transmitter that winds down the power if the antenna doesn't 'reflect' a good load (i.e. somethings wrong with cable or antenna - usually the former).

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    Eddie's your man. But you need to establish if it works better with the 'rubber duck', and also did it work okay with a previous (probably Icom) radio if you've just upgraded? Whilst the Yaesu is electrically similar to an Icom (A3+) as far as signal levels go, it is completely different on its physical connections and power voltage requirements - have these been sorted correctly?

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