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    If you are saying you've got 18 Volts on your battery electrics you have a major problem and it does not involve the capacitor.

    If you can measure 18 volts with the engine running your regulator-rectifier is definitely up the junction.
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    Or even one from China (ebay)63 volts 22000mf 1.99 works great!

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    This massive coke can (airplane size) capacitor is now fitted, it's quite different to the old capacitor that looked like a square of ravioli, still not sure of its value as it was in a lump of heat shrink.

    Most of the time my voltage sits around 14V but it does still peak at about 18 every now and then. Maybe it is time for a new regulator. I noticed this one ( which doesn't require a massive capacitor. Wondered if anyone has tried it or has any recommendations to get the voltage down from 18v. Would probably need a mod to be submitted.

    I think the subtle buzzing has been attenuated too which is a bonus. Eventually it will be high end hi-fi quality on the intercom.

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    It's a pretty evil waveform out of these regulators. The AC output voltage of the generator coils is allowed to build up to ~14.5v each half-cycle, then shorted out. A decent battery will smooth the resultant 'sawtooth' well, a large capacitor, less well. A cheap digital voltmeter may well respond to a spike of 18v, even though it's unlikely to have much energy. Best checked with a decent load connected - say a 12v 5W sidelight bulb.

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