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    Quote Originally Posted by goldrush View Post
    Interesting!!!!! because when I now put in the same USR... it comes up with
    Oops! The page you're looking for doesn't exist.

    So I can only assume that somehow I loaded it from the old BMAA site
    Maybe .. Dinasours (like me) take a long time to dissapear
    Maybe, but I can download the old document that you linked to, so it must be out there in the datasphere somewhere! And as Antoni says, it shouldn't be.

    BTW that page is an extract from the Instructor Guide which isn't available online in its entirety - cos you have to buy a paper copy 21 from the BMAA shop.
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    Problem is that once any document gets into cyberspace, it is generally difficult to remove all traces of it, although this one does seem to on the BMAA server somewhere.
    Ref the out of date reval info. I googled "PPL(M) MIcrolight revalidation" which linked to

    If the paper copy costs 21.. can I sell this outdated partial copy for a couple of quid
    Wally Hayward

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    To Rob; Do you hold a Certificate of Test or a licence (PPL(M)? You mentioned both so wondered because a C of T isn't a licence, hence no licence to worry about. As I understand it, PPLicences were valid for life but had (have) to be supported by Re-validation periodically and the methods for that vary somewhat from those required by N PPL.

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