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    Quote Originally Posted by goldrush View Post
    Sorry... when I spoke of "upgrading"... it was meant to cynically referred to my move from gliding to Microlights.. not the move from the Shadow to Thruster.
    In fact my personal feelings is that appart from the fact that at age 82 I found it difficult to get out of the Shadow, I do belive the Shadow to be "superior".. but that's just a personal thing and probably based upon the fact that I used to spend many many happy hours inn the Shadow soaring........... whereas, I am fairly sure that to do a couple of hours engine off in thermals in the Thruster in Scotand would be a more taxing situation

    Basically to fly anything, is better than sitting on the ground!!
    Hi Goldrush!
    I have always been rather weary of buying from an unknown person at AFORS
    So, five weeks on how is the T600N?
    Has it lived up to your expectations?

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    Caveat emptor!!!
    Wally Hayward


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