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    My old instructor (who had flown 10k hours in the RAF) fundamentally disagreed with this, and said idle was indistinguishable from engine off (presuming engine not locked).

    I have no opinion or experience - I just think it's interesting that experienced pilots have vehemently different views on the matter...

    Quote Originally Posted by Gentreau View Post
    Yes, I do it all the time. The difference in glide between idle and engine off is significant.
    It's also good to experience the silence and get used to listening to the wind noise when you're at the right glide speed.
    Currently learning to fly with the fabulous Great Western Airsports, and recording my experiences at The Tyranny Of Petty Things

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    On the original question, I’ve had 3 two strokes stop on me and 2 x912s engines.

    The two strokes totally stopped and I just landed them,didn’t turn a thing off as I was sh**ing my pants.

    The 2x912s engines were running rough so I turned the engines off at about 20ft so as not to shock load the engines but so much in a panic I forgot to turn anything else off per 2010 European libel act....these are my thoughts only and may not represent the thoughts or actions of any person /company/group/manufacturer named in this article/Internet posting

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reptile Smile View Post
    My old instructor (who had flown 10k hours in the RAF) fundamentally disagreed with this, and said idle was indistinguishable from engine off (presuming engine not locked).

    I have no opinion or experience - I just think it's interesting that experienced pilots have vehemently different views on the matter...
    One major difference is the sound, or lack of it. it's worth switching of the fan just to know what it sounds like to be in a glider.....
    The three most useless things in aviation:
    • The air above you.
    • The runway behind you.
    • The fuel in the bowser.

    Rule #1: Always tie your aircraft to the largest heaviest object available. The planet Earth meets these requirements and is readily available in all locations.
    Rule #2: The great thing about twin engined aircraft is, if one engine fails, the other engine always has just enough power to get you to the scene of the crash.
    Rule #3: You can never have too much fuel in an aircraft. Unless it's on fire.

    Semper specto in clara parte vitae.


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    I'm with Andy on this one. Had 2 engine outs one on final and one on take off. The one on final was very uneventful it was about 100ft from touch down and i simply left everything as was and touched down a few feet earlier

    The second was on take off on 11 at Skegness straight over the caravans got to about 600ft then engine just stopped had no choice but to try a 180 turn back to runway but quickly realised i would not make runway. So only option was a caravan site or field full of cows. Landed in cow field safely, call Don the airfield manager who was with me in seconds (about 1 field short of runway) Then pressed start button and 582 fired up instantly, checked everything was ok on trike and engine then took off while Don and my mate who was with me kept cows away. Landed crosswind on 03 taxied to Dons cabin and did a more through check nothing found so flew back to Caunton

    My point being that in the 2 events of engine failure i did not have time to think about turning engine off call mayday etc I was busy flying the aircraft

    In the event of engine failure FLY THE AIRCRAFT first

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    I have only had to cut engine once
    That was on approach to Eshott throttle was jammed on 4000 rpm carb icing (water carb heat does not work on top hose of blue top 582 in winter)
    Made sure runway was made cut engine and landed by which time ice melted and engine fired no problem.
    As has been said main thing is breath and fly the plane then if it looks like it could go bad get on the radio you want the rescue started sooner rather than later.
    I had a sensor fault when on my way back from Oban, temps were all over the place so contacted Scottish as there are very few landing options asking for basic service and informing them of my situation the nice man on the other end kept tabs on me all the way to Bute, only to find a spade connector had come adrift had anything more serious happened then they would have had a search area to start working from.
    So remember deep breaths drop the shoulders(relax) and do what you have been taught fly the airplane.
    I don't turn of engine to practise forced landings and if truth be told I don't practise them enough due to terrain i fly over all around the airfield, but I do enjoy trying to put the plane down on a particular spot on the runway from different heights and conditions.
    fly high fly safe and may you always have the wind at your back
    (except when taking off or landing according to Phil )

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