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    Change from PPL training to NPPL Microlight

    Hello all,

    I have had a look through some documents but have not come to any definitive answer. I have around 30 hours PPL training under my belt but do not think it's best to carry on, especially when I really think hard about how i'll use the license.

    I really believe i'll only do day time in fair-great weather and only ever take 1 passenger. With this in mind I believe the microlight route would be the better option

    So my question - does any of my flying training hours count towards the requirement for microlight training?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Yes you are allowed credit of up to 10 hours. It's in CAP804 section 4.4 which you can download from the BMAA website if you search it for "cross credit".
    The credit is at the discretion of your instructor/examiner I think.
    Please bear in mind that although in theory this means you could qualify after only 10 more hours (the minimum for the unrestricted microlight licence is 25hours), you may not be ready to take the test then.
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    You can, and it counts as hours you can claim (as Martin says), but you might need plenty more time. I did, and found the change from SEP to three axis eye-opening. I realised quite how lazy I had been getting away with. In a Thruster, it turns out you have to use the rudder...
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    I went from GA, had a few years rest then did the full NPPL for flex wing.......took 13 hours worth of lessons just trying to land the thing.

    My faults were,when I was taking off and the trike veared right,I would press the left rudder peddle,but on a flexwing that’s the brake peddle.

    Upper air work, had to re-train my brain that pushing right sends you left,and vice versa.

    Also both my instructors bolllllloked me for constantly watching my instruments instead of looking at the view out of the window.

    All depends on which way your going from your PPL. per 2010 European libel act....these are my thoughts only and may not represent the thoughts or actions of any person /company/group/manufacturer named in this article/Internet posting

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    I think its easier going from microlight to heavier plane than the other way round. Why not have a lesson with an instructor to see what he thinks.

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