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    Ellipse Alizé Swissauto Mystic CX - 250cc 4 valve four stroke single

    Hi all,

    A review of the Ellipse Alizé Swissauto Mystic CX which is the machine that won the French, European and World Microlight Championships in 2014.

    Review in Skywings, this link will take you to the magazine then you need to scroll to page 34 or simply download the whole magazine to read:
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    2018 version of the swissauto250 engine is the Aero 1000.
    250cc 4-Stroke, EFI, 4-Valve, DOHC, Water-cooled.
    36.4kg complete inclusive of oil and coolant.
    126 kg thrust @ 9,400rpm
    upgradable to:
    Aero 1500, 45hp supercharged version (expected in 2020)

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