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    Replacing screws/bolts and nuts

    I have my prop off at the moment and will be remounting in the next few days. The machine is 10 years old and I assume the nuts n bolts are the same age and looking at the nuts they have been on and off a few times. So I've decided to replace them for the hub and also for the mounting, presently they are 8.8 steel but I thought for a little extra I could replace with either the 10.9 or even 12.9 giving a much greater resistance to rupture. I would still torque to the norms as prescribed for the 8.8 simply having a much higher strength in reserve for the eventual weakening of them over time. Is this OK .... or have I missed something.
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    Metals do not weaken over time. Cyclic stresses induce fatigue cracks that may result in failure of a component over time, however. Resistance to fatigue is complex and, crucially, stronger is not always better.
    The design and materials specified will have been a compromise between various factors that you don't know about. Trust the original designer and do a like-for-like replacement.
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    Do not use 10.9 or stronger. 8.8 or S or R if 5/16" is the magic balance of strength verses ductility. Put simply, the stronger bolts are more likely to break when subject to any bending as they are more brittle. Elsewhere there's a discussion about the use of non-Rotax rubbers on airfilter boxes, with ney-sayers pointing out (incorrectly) that this invalidates the permit, yet prop bolts are far more dangerous to play around with...
    And the length of unthreaded shank is critical too.

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