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    Quote Originally Posted by Roger Mole View Post
    But although there is no requirement, most ULM pilots are members because they recognise that FFPLUM is their association that steps up and represents them and their interests when necessary. A case in point. 2015 was not a good year for ULM accidents and mortality in France and the knee-jerk reaction (especially in somewhere like the UK) would have been for the 'authorities' to step in and apply draconian measures to deal with the 'problem'.

    However, FFPLUM in conjunction with the DGAC conducted a thorough analysis of the results and the principal conclusions reached were that (a) airworthiness problems were not responsible (b) pilot error was the main cause (c) instructors were either responsible for, or involved in, many of the accidents (d) the pattern of accidents revealed areas of significant weakness in both instructor and pilot training.

    So it was agreed between FFPLUM and the DGAC that there need be no change to the airworthiness regime but that significant areas of deficiency in both areas of training should be confronted and dealt with. So that's what was done, IMO a very mature and responsible approach that, dare I say it, I doubt would have occurred in the UK. Why not? Because IMO there are vested interests involved that muddy the waters and act against, not for, the interests of UK pilots.
    This for me is the more important part of the equation - that an organisation is supported by those who benefit without compulsion to be members, and that they therefore belong and support it because there are clear cut benefits to doing so.

    This is the real answer to your question about why things are so bad in the UK is because there is no desire to get together like FFPLUM, nor is there a Dominique Méreuze type person with the vision to get it all together. There's not the same level of carrot, and a lot more stick.

    But I'm looking on the bright side, I can spend some time over the weekend getting paperwork together for an 8.33 radio, and a taller screen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Randombloke View Post

    But I'm looking on the bright side, I can spend some time over the weekend getting paperwork together for an 8.33 radio, and a taller screen.
    Ah, more paperwork to be filed away. I wonder who looks at it all? What is it all for?

    It used to be said that France was the most bureaucratic nation and the most prolific creator of paperwork in the world. That may still be true in many areas but in others as you see from this thread it is prepared to observe, analyse and make changes that seize the opportunities afforded by new technology. And who knows, perhaps this process will accelerate as the spotlight falls on other areas of the public sector and maybe Mr. Macron is the right man after all to drag France kicking and screaming into the 21st century. If he is, I think the country will derive enormous benefits.

    Looking back as an observer from the outside it now seems that the UK is the place where sacred cows exist never to be slaughtered.

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