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    Garmin 496 update help

    I’m wanting to update the maps,obsticals etc on my Garmin 496

    Cheapest way ?
    Simple straightforward way,as I’m not very technical with downloading etc.

    Do you know any outlet that’s doing them ?

    And how much does it cost ?

    Thanks Andy
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    It's a couple of years since I did it, on my 496, but updating the software was quite straightforward, and from memory, cost about 48.

    My experience has been that Garmin is one, if not THE best supporter of GPS kit once you own it. While I'm 'between' aircraft at the moment, I have three Garmin machines for my ground fleet., and have enjoyed excellent support for each, including machine replacement out of warranty.

    If anyone's interested, I have some leftover 496 stuff for sale CHEAP!

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