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    West coast of France - recommendations?

    Evening fellow aviators

    Two of us are planning a French fancy this week, hopping over the channel on Weds/Thurs, with the aim to get to Gap Tallard by the weekend. The weather towards Gap isn't great for the first few days, so we're thinking about heading down the west coast first, then on to Gap if the weather clears.

    Belle Ille has been suggested as a nice location to aim for, but can anyone recommend other airfields along the west coast that would be worth dropping in to? Even better if they have accommodation, or they're close to a town, and extra points for mogas on pumps

    I'm furiously scouting through older posts to find suggestions, but would welcome any thoughts!


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    How well do you speak french ?
    That has an impact on the recommendations ...
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    Not brilliantly I'm afraid... can order breakfast, but I don't think I'll be making a call for a basic service in the local lingo!

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