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Thread: Fuel Jerry Can

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    Fuel Jerry Can

    Is there an approved certification for metal Jerry Cans for fuel or are they all pretty much the same?

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    Information here:

    "Although there is currently no International, European or British Standard for thestorage of petrol in metal containers, a UN approved metal container meeting theperformance requirements for the carriage of petrol under ADR would beconsidered robust for most storage conditions"

    So, in short, No.
    The issue I have found is that some filling stations refuse to let customers fill metal cans. I live near Snetterton race track and it is common to see track day types filling up several containers. On one occasion, a customer was prevented from filling his 20 litre metal cans, but was allowed to fill his 10 litre can and then empty that into his 20 litre cans as many time as he wanted! Presumably the staff at the filling station had taken the view that he wasn't filling the 20 litre cans from the pump, so that was OK.
    I digress. This happens a lot.
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    slightly off topic .i use these ,plastic i know but no rust ... might be an option .. i must be lucky as ive never been questioned re filling 2x 20ltr jerry cans ive even had them on the back seat of my motorcycle with bungee straps between me and the top box (in the past) . not saying it doesnt happen its just that i have never been questioned about it ..

    anyway hope that helps ??
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    I filled up 5 of them just before fly uk at a BP station, the pump stopped at about 100l, so I guess there was a timer or limit in place. They cashier didn't say anything but maybe he wasn't looking.
    My favourite jerry can at the moment is one I bought in USA a home depot, its 5gal (just over 20l) with a button to activate the spout. The speed it comes out is just right to fill both sides of the quantum saddle tank in one go and its easier to hold than the metal ones. It's called an Easy Can. Fits on the back seat pretty well too.

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