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    Radio Telephony RT Exam Revision Guide and Simulator

    Shameless plug (which I ran past Vince before posting)
    Hopefully the info on the website should prove useful, even if you dont use the simulator.

    Having muddled through the Radio Telephony RT exam last year I've put together a website with my revision notes and useful stuff/info for the exam.

    I've also written a simulator app for android tablets/phones that allows you to practise the various radio calls, leading up to a full cross country based on a scenario similar to my actual exam.

    I was really struggling to remember the order of keywords, and what I needed to say and when. With this I was able to practise over and over until it became second nature.

    Practise RT communication between pilot and ATC
    Uses speech synthesis for controller
    Moving 2D map shows position in circuit etc
    Records your voice interacting with the controller, and replays the entire interaction at the end so you can assess how well you did.
    Configurable level of prompting and assistance so you can control the difficulty as you progress
    Configurable and Random parameters such as callsign, destination, altitude, frequencies etc giving different experience every time
    15 levels/scenarios covering the main different types of ATSU

    or search for Chatterbox RT Simulator on the google play store.

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