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    Airfields with Lodging - France & Spain

    Whilst there are a few posts and threads on venturing across the channel to France and some on southern European flying, I wondered if any members have details of airfields they have visited that are Microlight friendly which also have lodging.

    Whether the airfield has a Hotel/Motel such as the likes of Abbeville or maybe just a great B&B around the corner and close proximity to the airfield. I appreciate most would happily allow camping for an overnight stop but I was looking for a more "comfortable in my old age" alternative if it exists. If they have Fuel as well...double bonus!

    I'm particularly interested in flying with my Swift II and routing through France and Spain, ending in the south at Antequera (Malaga region).
    No decision made yet as to which end/route for crossing the Pyrenees.

    SkyDemon is very helpful with the airfield locations and information but was hoping for First hand experience and recommendations. Alternatively if you have any links to any articles that may be of help I'd be grateful.

    Thanks in advance
    Andy H

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    Hi Andy,

    One resource I would recommend is the website, which gathers info on Spanish airfields and first hand opinions. Unfortunately it's only in Spanish, but hope it helps.


    José Pascual

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    Bit late on this one, sorry.

    FFPLUM (the French equivalent of the BMAA but much better) keeps a list of ULM airfields on its web site

    Every single one has an accompanying PDF that has all the info that you require eg runways, approaches, radio frequency, fuel availabilty, contact numbers, availabilty of accommodation etc. If the BMAA was doing a proper job it would run one like it for the UK.

    You may say that it's tough finding the ones you need on your intended route and you'd be right. However, you'll need French charts and if you buy the two that you'll require (weekday and weekend) from Cartabossy for not a lot of money you'll find every ULM (microlight) airfield marked together with its reference eg our field is in département 24 Dordogne reference 2467. So do a google search on LF2467 (LF is the code for France) and up will pop the FFPLUM pdf.

    The other thing that will make it very easy is that if you purchase the Cartabossy charts you get a FREE link to download the geotiff charts that you can load onto your PC and other device(s) and use for planning (I have them on my PC running in MemoryMap) and in flight (I have them in an Asus tablet also running MemoryMap).

    So you can plan your route with lines linking convenient airfields according to your range/fuel needs and then check if the facilities that you need are available. But don't panic if they're not close by. French ULMistes welcome all visitors and will go out of their way to get fuel, provide transport and goodness knows what else. Really friendly ones will even lend you a car as insurance doesn't work over here the way it does in the UK.

    Oh, also check the French Air Pilot for the larger airfields shown on the charts because unlike in the UK, ULMs can land at many of them for free.


    You'll also need to check on NOTAMS and any low level military corridors that may be active on your chosen route if you will be flying on non-holiday weekdays, but that's easy and we'll leave that for later.

    Hope you can make it over.

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