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    Lessons as near to Bristol Airport/North Somerset as possible

    Hi All

    I have recently taken up gliding which I am absolutely loving, but also now have started PPL training at Bristol Airport. My main motivations for the powered flight are to be able to take my friends and family on pleasure trips. The PPL training is pricey, and so naturally I am looking at fixed wing microlights as an option.

    Is there anyone out there who is aware of lessons in my part of the world (North Somerset very near Bristol Airport)? I am aware of Kemble, but that's about a 90 minute drive. I would really love to explore learning in a C42 or equivalent, but it wouldn't make sense to have to drive for 1.5 hours to get there.

    Yours in hope!

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    I don't know the area but looking on the chart it appears that Great Western Airsports near Bath is probably the closest together with Wiltshire Microlight Centre at Yatesbury near Calne.

    Then again, I'm sitting here in France so maybe someone a bit closer knows better

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    Wiltshire Microlight Centre and GS Aviation are very close to Kemble, so I assume the OPs criteria still apply.

    I used GS for my 3 axis conversion, 2 to 3 hours drive but stayed over some days. Worked well for me.
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    Flying Shack at Gloucester Airport has a c42. Its just off the motorway so might not take as long to get there as you think. it also has 6 hard runways so you wont loose any lessons due to crosswinds of boggy grass. It is also the 10th busiest airfield in the UK so learning there you will get very good and Radio and air Traffic Control in a busy field.

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