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    Rotax 582 piston circlips

    Anyone had any dealings installing these god awful things without the rotax tool? Done a few (other 2 strokes) and they flew in with a flat driver. These are tight as hell. I've asked eccleston if i've got the wrong clips (i'm convinced i haven't and i'm just rubbish lol) but just wondered what others experiences are? Thought the cageless bearings would be tricky but they were a doddle. Any info appreciated.
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    They are a cuss. but struggle on. Ensure the gap is at the bottom when finished - NOT at either side.

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    The ones for a blue top have an extra tang on them making them a doddle to fit, grey top circlips do not have the reason why you can’t put blue top clips in a gray top.some may disagree because it’s not as per Rotax instructions,but it’s the same piston in the same barrel with the same gudgen pin.
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