Hi all,

after spending a lot of money and time while try and error with homebuilt headset solutions, I decided to take the chance (switch to 8,33) and go for the Flycom system (Helmet, Intercom, A6 patch lead). Beside the positive reviews I wanted the enclosed helmet as with the higher possible cruise speed (new wing) wind noise is increasingly annoying.

Both send/receive in general works great. Also via intercom with pax. Further I received positive comments by tower/other aircraft regarding communication.

I have to tune down vol. control at helmet nearly completely , because otherwise there always is a sidetone. At first, I thought it comes from outside impact e.g. ignition interference, but it isn`t. It is more that the mic seems to be too sensitive (it`s always “open”). If covered, e.g. by fist, system is more quiet. I also tried an additional wind shield (neoprene cover), but with no success.

Why it`s not comfortable to use the system tuned nearly “off”?
1) I can hear myself not or only VERY muted while transmitting (OK, I could deal with), but
2) while flying with a passenger, I need to tune up the volume to hear pax voice, what means again permanent sidetone transmission

I`m using a Icom A6 (powerd via CP 20 adapter). Both, ANL and sidetone settings of handheld don`t have any influence. Also disconnect ICOM power supply in flight may not change anything. The phenomena could only be recognized in flight (airstream)

Anybody with similar experience? Any hint is highly welcome!