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    Quote Originally Posted by Noakeske View Post
    Please ignore Mr meldrew. A Rans will serve you fine. Undercarriage legs are in stock. Completely agree with the differencesdiff familiarisation comments. A real stick and rudder aircraft.
    ha ha, you may not agree with or even like what I said but at least it was objective which is more than can be said for your posting

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    Rogers post re undercarriage has a lot of merit but I think the real achilles heel is the nose leg and trim system combined with a heavy 912 up front.
    The trim which consists of a wheel and bungee between the seats connected by pullleys to the trim system allows slippage and quite often you are stick back to the max as your almost landing often resulting in a bent nose leg although easily repairable, sometimes it's a little difficult landing with one hand on throttle control, one hand on the stick and then requiring a re-adjustment to the trim.
    A582 upfront is lighter and a little more forgiving but the trim issue can still be evident but strangely not as detrimental,
    the Rans is a good aircraft but like most has it's faults but as has been mentioned there is no substitute for good tuition...

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    Yes an upgrade to the mechanical trim system would be a positive upgrade. The bungee system is really very basic!

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    I agree. I've got a bungee trim system on my Spectrum. The bungee loses it's strength after a while, and needs replacing. If I could I'd like to replace it with an adjustable trim tab like the system on my Minimax. It's much better as it can be easily adjusted for whatever cruising speed I choose.

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