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    I made the mistake of looking at this thread again, even though I said I wasn't going to, and I can see that Mr Barker is tying himself in all sorts of knots.
    Here's another piece of the jigsaw that he is apparently missing:-
    All aircraft have to be registered. When the owner registers an aircraft they have to declare the MTOW.
    using this form, which has MTOW in Question 1.
    This is recorded for each individual aircraft - its on G-INFO if you care to check.
    In other words the owner of an aircraft has documented the MTOW. End of story. It doesn't matter if it THEN is accepted as SSDR, either way the MTOW is agreed and a pilot in command who flies that aircraft overweight is illegal, uninsured and stupid.

    Here's an example. My TST which is a two-seater is registered with a MTOW of 380kg. I can take a seat out and declare that the MTOW is now 300kg. The CAA will then say, "OK that's fine and as it meets the other criteria for a microlight, it is now SSDR". I cant fly it at over 300Kg MTOW, even though I know it is physically quite safe to do that.
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