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    Quote Originally Posted by tomshep View Post
    I would dispute the assertion that a GA pilot can fly any 3 axis microlight. They really aren't the same because they run out of energy very quickly and gravity always wins.
    Local GA pilot with over 600 hrs on 152's recently bought a Savanna, he's struggling with the lightness and having to use his feet...
    G-HAMS a pretty quick Quik

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    Tom, Dave, Let's not scare the horses. A 152 is very easy to fly and mostly forgiving, but it can get you into the proverbial more quickly than most microlights.

    If you can land a 152 you can learn to land a microlight - as the bod in the Savanna is in the process of doing.

    If you want to know whether you like an aircraft, fly it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Antoni View Post

    If you want to know whether you like an aircraft, fly it.
    ...with an experienced instructor or coach who knows the type. Actually, even better, one who knows both the type you know and the type you're trying out to they can explain and demonstrate the differences. When instructing, I had put together a mini-syllabus for converting GA (usually C152) pilots to the Thruster and AX3. Converting to something like a C42 tould be much easier, of course.

    Some pilots are 'naturals' and quick learners, but others are perfectly good pilots yet take longer to adapt to the dynamics of a different aircraft.

    Back to just bimbling in the TST.

    No longer instructing - just pontificating..

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