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Thread: 8.33 radios

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    Quote Originally Posted by zombeh View Post
    Dual watch is occasionally useful but since it's time slicing it the audio quality isn't fantastic when it's doing that. I shouldn't have thought features like being able to play back the last received transmission are that useful, if it's something important like an ATC clearance by the time you've played it back again they'll be wondering if you heard it and you may as well have asked them to repeat it.
    They now claim to have improved the audio quality but that's marketing for you

    I agree totally about recording the last message and I think that although I'd love a pretty OLED display, I don't think I can justify paying extra for it. Different it was a group owned Group A.

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    It's alright and it's sometimes a useful thing it's just quite noticeably not as good as having two radios.

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