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    Howdy + general ML question

    Hi all, just joined the forum. Presently drive a synidcated Arrow III down Kent way but will soon be moving to North Wales, exact venue TBC but could be around Llangollen or Ruthin. Slightly concerned about lack of sizeable airfields and syndicates in that part of the world so am also considering poss purchase of microlight or autogyro (do you cover autogyros here or am I likely to be tarred and feathered for mentioning them). Anyone any experience of microlight flying, ownership, airfields etc in that part of the world?

    Also, I havenít seen much mention of syndicates owning/flying a microlight or autogyro. Does this happen much?

    Cheers in advance for your thoughts


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    Hello Owain,

    You don't need a sizeable airfield to fly a microlight. Most have good power to weight ratios and of course low takeoff/landing speeds. There's not much discussion about autogyros on here, maybe because there's not a great knowledge base about them.

    There are very many microlight syndicates running. I was always agin it until finally buying into one. Stayed in for abt 4 years - it worked perfectly. As you may know, you don't buy into the aircraft so much as buying into the other people in the syndicate!
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    Lots of information about microlights on here or via BMAA. Gyroplanes are not microlights and as Antoni wrote, we don't have much knowledge about them; the British Rotorcraft Association do though.

    You'll find microlights very different to anything the PA28 family have to offer
    Have fun!
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