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    Great news, hope it works out

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    Seems that the Caernarfon guy has pulled out but a new bidder has come forward...

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    I'm left with the impression that you need a Paul Dewhurst or a Bill Brooks to get the approval side running.

    Paul has told us some incredibly useful stuff. I think we need to go away and think about all he has said.

    Given the numbers he has quoted, does anyone want to put those into a spreadsheet and do a business viability plan?

    Does anyone think there is a viable business under the current situation?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Keith Nelson View Post
    Reading through this BB it seems the French ULM regulations are the most relaxed of the EU ultralight regulations? How do the other EU countries fare by comparison?
    I did read somewhere that Switzerland is not that ULM friendly which is a bit strange with a lot of France bordering Swiss soil.
    I lived in Switzerland for over 5 years, I started my homebuild project there as well. Yes you are correct about the floppy wings and 3 axis ML's. They also have the same philosophy towards Gyros. The swiss regulators dont accept CAA theory exams either which i found out during my GST, much to the amazement of the BAZL examiner. So we think the UK BMAA/CAA are tough !! The irish NMAI / ILAS are a good bunch of guys and they dont have commercial interest at heart like the UK counterparts. Working in the Medical industry and the regulatory standards involved, i am used to jumping through hoops etc, so i welcome the French attitude, the NMAI have a similar one to that as well. It is called common sense. As an example, i was interestied in fitting a wingfold system to my CFM Shadow, approached the BMAA for info (already had the info from NMAI) on the system. Yeah right dont bother, approvals on top of approvals. And this is for a system that only adds 2 kgs, to the empty weight exactly on the CG. Not too mention the tensile testing to be carried out along with a multitude of other tests including taxying test with the wings folded !!!. It seems that they didnt have any the information from years gone by about the wingfold system on record and to cover their arses, i would have to foot the bill so they had the information.

    As mentioned elsewhere on this thread, "this is what the UK pilots want"

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