ok so it is a full 52 week away yet, but it would seem based on comments heard at the show and what I have seen on social media there is a lack of understanding what the private pilot can do at Abingdon.

As it happens 2019 was the 20th anniversary year and as the below press release indicates, the last year in its known format - however going forward there are new and exciting opportunities and i hope with this in mind the numbers of microlighters on show will require more than just one hand to count them on

my point? - Abingdon Airshow has always been open to GA aircraft attending, this chance is only going to be get bigger and better in future years so why not get your "pride and joy" on the flight line too?

Press Release: The 20th Air & Country Show took place at Abingdon Airfield / Dalton Barracks with various attractions and a friendly crowd despite a couple of infrastructure 'hick ups first thing on our side. However, this was the last one which incorporated a Flying Display.
Unfortunetly, it's a combination of constantly increasing costs of running the event including the road closures that cost extra, regulations becoming ever tighter to comply with since the Shoreham accident, the 50 million pound Public Liability Insurance requirement for civilian air displays to display over MOD land which Abingdon / Dalton Barracks are, and increasing stress / time trying to keep the show on the rails - two days prior to the show I had to complete the Military Aviation Authority (our regulators) audit for example!!!
So, to preserve the show and keep it running for the next 10 years or more for the community, I am just eradicating the flying displays to cut the costs associated with that by half.
However - the new format will see the Country Show element expanded which means Tanks Rides will be back on the terrain course for example, but the aircraft that Fly In for the day will be increased to well over 100 types, possibly as many as 150 aircraft through the day to land, be seen up close and depart, both general aviation,classic and modern military.
Also, Pleasure Flights will be increased to include World War Two types for a back seat ride in, Hot Air Balloons, Flypasts, and possibly a small helicopter show & the popular evening / night photography the evening before showday.
So, the end result is much more movements of different types during the day.

Finally, those that can remember the show being on the other side (west side) which was much better for photography - well i am looking at putting it back over there!
So, thank you all for the last 20 years,and here is to the next 10 years or more in a new more affordable format.
Neil Porter - Event Organiser