After installing a new 8.33 kHz radio and transponder I had to get the whole new fit officially signed off. The nearest station to me is at La Rochelle in the Charente Maritime.

Having waited some time for a suitable opportunity to make the flight on account of the weather, the usual problem, I headed off on 19th June. The forecast was for 18th June to be marginal because of winds but for 19th June to be perfect. It couldn't have been more wrong. The 18th, which I'd rejected, was the perfect day whereas on the 19th half of the flight was over solid low-level cloud. I also arrived and left La Rochelle in rain.

I wanted to record the whole flight but only got an hour or so because the backup battery pack didn't work. The video I made starts just before Périgueux with the cloud bank in view on the horizon and ends still over cloud to the north of the military airfield at Cognac.