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    ULM/ Microlight Pilots bear Arnhem, Holland

    Any body have good contacts in Holland near Arnhem if possible.
    This year is 75th anniversary of the WW2 Arnhem events.
    Uncle was shot down in a Stirling.
    Would like to fly over the area.
    Local airfield at Teuge are doing pleasure flights, but at E290!

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    I can't help, but maybe someone listed in here can. Small help only I know, but a start for your hunt, perhaps.

    Quote fromn "The European Microlight Federation (EMF) document provides information on National requirements with links to governing bodies and sources of further information and contacts. European Microlight Federation (EMF) "

    Back to just bimbling in the TST.

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    Many thanks. Will be in contact.

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    Check out the group get around a bit but the organiser isn't to everyone's taste....
    G-HAMS a pretty quick Quik

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