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    Fuel Drawback

    Blimey, I've just taken a real shock to the wallet

    As you probably know, when you fly out of the UK and land abroad you are entitled to claim back the duty on all of the fuel in your tanks that was purchased in the UK (yes, even if you just fly to Calais, land there, fly back and still have fuel left over). The last time I flew into the UK from France in my Savannah, I topped up the tanks with 98 octane mogas before flying back again. This time because of certain constraints that I was under I had to use Avgas UL91 instead. The difference in hit on my pocket was staggering, from both directions.

    Say I'd topped up with 50 litres of 98 octane mogas:

    Cost = 50 x 1.40 (say) = 70
    Drawback = 50 x 0.5795 = 28.98
    Net cost of fuel = 41.02 = 0.82 per litre

    Now take my UL91 (actual figures)

    Cost = 50 x 1.87 = 93.50
    Drawback = 50 x 0.3770 = 18.85
    Net cost of fuel = 74.65 = 1.49

    So Avgas (all types) costs more and you get less drawback on it. Remember this gentlemen (and ladies) before you venture across the briny. You can considerably reduce the hit on your wallets (and purses) by topping up your tanks from the local Morrisons before you go. The difference amounts to the cost of your fine lunch in Le Touquet.

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